DNA testing - We offer a multitude of DNA and relationship tests for a verity of reasons with the out most discretion with your privacy in mind. We Offer 

  • Immigration DNA 
  • Evidence DNA for personal knowledge (NOT court admissible) 
  • Legal DNA (court admissible) 
  • Noninvasive Prenatal DNA testing 

DNA Testing Starting at -- $165.



Drug testing - We offer personal drug testing for individuals, and complete Drug and alcohol testing services for businesses/Employers, Nursing Schools and Government employees. 

  • pre-employment 
  • Random 
  • Post-Accident
  • Reasonable Suspicion
  • Return to Duty 

DOT drug testing As low as $39 per/test 

We also offer collection services for third party administrators and Laboratories. 24/7 post accident drug & Breath alcohol(BET) testing/collection services for DOT and Non-DOT employees. All collectors are trained and Certified in DOT specimen collection and BAT administration.  

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Senai Drug & Alcohol Testing Services, LLC.

DNA & Drug testing services.

No wait time  

we see clients in five minutes or less. 

Fast and dependable service 


Senai Drug & Alcohol Testing provides -DNA and Drug testing for Individuals, courts and businesses. 


DNA & drug testing